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Throughout the many years of traveling to remote corners of Asia, Begoña Zunzunegui has been selecting one by one all the exquisite pieces that make up the Antique & Teak collection from Becara.

Understanding the added value acquired through its antiquity - most of the items and furniture pieces have an Official Certificate assuring over 100 years of age- the beauty of its shapes and tones, combine perfectly with the remaining Becara Collection. These ancient Asian wonders with exquisite craftsmanship have been chosen specifically for this collection and are offered to everyone who appreciates their true value.

Some of the most requested items of the Becara Collection are custom made reproductions of antique originals that are offered in Antique & Teak: For example, furniture from the Qing Dynasty in China in the 18th Century, pieces from the Imperial Palaces of India and all kinds of Marvels from the English and Dutch Colonial influence in Indonesia make up the bulk of a unique Collection composed of unique pieces.

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