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We bet you associate this style to a country house, but the truth is that with the passage of time you do not have to adhere to a single type. Contemporary rustic accessories can create new and interesting environments combining rural traditions with more modern designs, but always following a line of simplicity and craftsmanship.

One of the characteristics more typical of this type of decoration is to create a warm atmosphere with a sense of spaciousness. Within diaphanous rooms you have to specify different areas such as dining room, work area, rest ... etc. which, with the help of objects such as rugs, folding screens and other furniture can be obtained.

The houses where in the interior a rustic style predominates, there is no visual limit between the interior and the garden. This is determined because, normally, this type of homes is in contact with nature and the furniture used in these cases are with natural materials such as wood, stone or brick. In addition, the colours, which also agree, are used cream, earth and white tones that can be combined with colourful flowers to give a wild touch.

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