In this section, you will find the lamp that best suits you, considering the space you have and the style of decoration that the room has. You can find floor, ceiling or table lamps.

Our lamps DO NOT include lampshades or light bulbs. (Recommended max 60 W. Socket E27)


  • Ceiling Lamps

    The ceiling lamps are par excellence the type of lamp that is in every room in of our house. They are fundamental and can serve a decorative purpose too. The styles and models available are very versatile therefore you can broaden your imagination and play with lighting.
  • Table Lamps

    If your wish is to create a cosy and quiet space this type of lamp is the most suitable. Create delicate and distinguished environments in your office, in a corner of your living room or in your bedroom. These lamps can also complement the decoration of a space in a very harmonious way or simply as decorative attribute.

    In Becara we have different styles, colours and sizes, so you have no excuse when looking for the one that suits your needs. Find wooden lamps for more rustic decorations or metal ones for a more industrial or vintage look.
  • Standing Lamps

    This type of lamp is usually found in the living room or in the dining room and it is usually used when we need more directed light. Therefore, these lamps are like additional lighting to the main one in the room.

    They can also be used to create ambient lighting in bedrooms or in the hall of your house, with a dim lighting you can achieve a more welcoming feel than with ceiling lamps.
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Showing 13 - 24 of 48 items